Dojo Warriors, Inc.

In 2005, this school was established under the name of Queens Martial Arts Center, Inc., under the ownership of Ricky Singh, Sensei 2nd Degree Black belt. In November 2007, Queens Martial Arts Center was dissolved and Dojo Warriors, Inc. was established, the manager Randy Singh, Sensei 2nd degree Black belt) and the Master instructor is Ricky Singh, Sensei 4th Degree Black belt.

Since 2007, the Dojo has grown in terms of students, equipment and size. It’s founder, Ricky Singh has become a Certified Personal Trainer, an accredited running coach, certified instructor in Olympic Lifting, TRX Suspension Training System, ViPR Training and Kettlebell Training. Sensei Rick, as he is referred to by his students, implement all these training methods in his classes.  As of 2013, Dojo Warriors has expanded to over 2000 sq. ft. of training space. The basement has been converted into a personal gym with all the latest cable machines, treadmills, rowers and body weight training equipment. The main floor has been redesigned to accommodate larger classes; it has the best MMA/Judo mat on the market installed with surrounding mirrors and a camera surveillance system to aid in learning proper martial art techniques. It also has an outdoor training area for spring/summer time use for sprinting, plyometric training and of course full contact stick and kickboxing sparring.

Our Team

  • Ricky Singh, Sensei
    Master Instructor

    Sensei Rick, has been teaching since 2000. His current rank is 4TH Dan. He is an accredited Martial Artist and Personal Trainer.

  • Randy Singh, Sensei
    Senior Instructor

    Sensei Randy, has been teaching since 2008 and ranked currently as 2nd degree Blackbelt.

  • Komal Dindiyal, Sempai
    Assistant Instructor

    Sempai Komal has attained the rank of Brown Belt 1st Kyu. He is currently working on attainting the rank of 1st degree Blackbelt.

  • Luis Duran, Sempai
    Assistant Instructor

    Sempai Luisl has attained the rank of Brown Belt 1st Kyu. He is currently working on attainting the rank of 1st Dan .

  • Ashton Ramotaur
    Assistant Sempai

    Sempai Ashton has attained the rank of Brown Belt 2nd Kyu. He is currently helping his mentor, Sensei Randy with teaching.

  • Joshua Hamid
    Asst. Sempai

    Sempai Josh has attained the rank of 1st Degree Blackbelt.